The new kit "Seek" from the "TAKE 4" series for Bible Journaling is now available

Along with many inspiring journaling supplies

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A branch of Ingrid Art Studio focusing on creative Bible Study kits, art and faith journaling and faith art. Browse various kits, journaling supplies and tools, fine art and prints or learn more about Bible Journaling.

  • Creative Bible Study Kits and Devotionals

    For the past 7 years I have dedicated my art and work to making beautiful creative Bible studies which along with the use of imagery become immersive experiences in the Word of God.

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  • Digital kits, art and devotionals

    The Digital version of the Bible Study kits are a convenient option either in addition to the physical kits or by themselves. Download and print as much and as often as you need.

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  • Fine art prints and originals

    All the images used to illustrate Bible verses and all the creative kits start as original art pieces. Adorning our walls and prayer corners, the sacred art is a wonderful reminder of Who we are talking to in our prayers and just like Holy Icons they help the transition of our thoughts from the visible into the invisible or viceversa.

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  • Learn more about Bible Journaling

    More information and resources about the amazing and beautiful practice of Bible Journaling or Lectio Divina.

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The Beauty of Bible Journaling