Full of Grace

It is truly beautiful to mediate on these words: "Full of Grace" . There are so many implications and so much beauty here. So this is how Fulness of Grace looks like... Mary... the humble girl who brought forth in the fulness of Grace the Light of the World. If something is full it is at its maximum capacity, there's room for nothing else. And she indeed was filled with absolute life, with the creator of life itself. Whoa....

Going back to Genesis to Adam's words about Eve - "the woman you put here with me" , almost feels like he shifts the blame on God and Eve, but then God will "put" another woman here so we all can be redeemed, and how Eve was" mother of all the living", Mary will be the Mother of all living in a New life.

Art: cool thing to try- I used the wide Advent washi, over the entire page. I brushed over it with a couple of strokes of white gesso. What a beautiful effect!
The small image of Mary is from the 'Born in my heart' Advent add on kit.
Bible journaling art
Bible journaling art

Journaling supplies: the Advent kits and add-ons along with washi tapes are in my shop under the Advent section. 


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