Living Stones

Living Stones Bible Journaling kit by Open Journey

It's amazing what we learn from following the rock trail in the Scriptures! Ultimately it leads to discovering God's love - from rocks to Love, Bible study is always so full of surprises. Although, no matter what we study in the Bible we will always end up discovering God's love. Starting with the Desert wanderings to the New testament and to Jesus Himself as the Living Stone and Cornerstone, we look at fights, dreams, visions and us, the disciples, the Living Stones. This is a more in depth creative Bible study using imagery, word study and of course, the beautiful Biblical accounts. There is a simplified version of this study as well, suited for children and teens: "Stones and prayers" (see in shop)
I hope you will truly enjoy this creative study of Living Stones, this journey among rocks, pillars and stones set as reminders of our holy journey. May the Word of God envelop you, deepen your faith and broaden your horizon, because from the rock He sets you high upon you can see the marvelous works of His hands!


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